Environmental respectful

Ecolumber group exploits all the estates, using environmentally friendly cultivation systems, with the purpose of substantially increasing productivity to reach greater production, maintaining healthy and organoleptic properties of local production.

Cost reduction

With our own cultivation systems that reduce the carbon footprint and optimise profitability.

Integrated mechanisation

We perform all the farming tasks reducing labour tasks.

Production increase

With more innovative systems we achieve constant greater performance without any alternating.

Quality improvement

We increase the efficiency of our phytosanitary treatments as well as optimising the use of water and nutrients.


High quality trees and our own cultivation systems and a high degree of automation,

guarantee the best fruits to satisfy the most demanding.

Production of Nuts and Dried Fruits

Ecolumber Group has properties in Spain for the production of nuts and dried fruits, walnut and almond trees, to supply its own facilities also forming part of the Ecolumber Agro.

Ontiñena (Huesca)

Alcover (Tarragona)

Tortosa (Tarragona)