Ecolumber Agro


of dried fruits

Ecolumber Agro, forms part of Grupo Ecolumber, and is the business unit responsible for the planting and harvesting of the dried fruits that are later processed and commercialised by Ecolumber Food.

Solid bases for a growing project

Ecolumber Agro is the main pillar of a unit designed to place the best products on the market at the best price using environmentally friendly systems, more extensive productions that preserve the healthy and organoleptic properties of local production and that way achieve the healthiest European product with the best quality.

Production of Nuts and Dried Fruits

Ecolumber Group has properties in Spain for the production of nuts and dried fruits, walnut and almond trees, to supply its own facilities also forming part of the Ecolumber Agro.

Ontiñena (Huesca)

Alcover (Tarragona)

Tortosa (Tarragona)